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Abdullah Sulayman St, Al Fayha'a, Jeddah 22246


Tel: 9200 08969

Working Hours

Sat – Thu 10:00 – 01:30
Fri 05:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Old Airport Branch

Saggaf Opticals Group which is a subsidiary of Sagaf Eye Centre has a range of medical scientific competencies founded about 25 years ago and currently has ten branches covering all Jeddah’s area.
Saggaf Opticals Group works according to the highest quality standards and follows the latest scientific technologies of vision defects and uses special medical lenses manufactured according to specifications of the American Academy of Optics which are made in France, Japan, Italy, And Germany.
Sagaf Eye Centre is keen to provide the best lenses, including German Zeiss Lenses which are considered one of the best in manufacturing lenses, which is the leader in the field of medical lenses where their lenses are used in the field of many scientific binoculars and telescopes researches.
Most of the branches of Saggaf Opticals Group are recognized as (A) according to the standards of Ministry of Health, it includes specialist in visual measuring with long experience in this field. It also includes specialists in optics who also have good in experience in cutting and installing glasses with latest optical technology.

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